Bingo Players – Devotion (Boehm Remix)Boehm

Bingo Players – Devotion (Boehm Remix)

Boehm has put his own spin on Bingo Players‘ hit single, “Devotion.” In Boehm’s rendition, the original track, which features infectious saxophone riffs over thick beats, is brought to new heights. The Romanian producer amps up the energy in “Devotion” with grungy waves of bass, and a new edgy rhythm. Deeper, ominous sounds prevail throughout the piece, and mellow interludes consisting of vocal samples over a minimalist rhythmic pattern create a nice contrast to rich, prominent undertones.

Boehm is known for his eclectic sound which consists of an array of dance styles. From his renowned progressive house collaboration with Steve Aoki, “Back 2 U,” to his deep house hit with Aaliyah, “If Your Girl Only Knew,” Boehm has experimented with a variety styles. With his take on Bingo Players’ “Devotion,” Boehm once again flaunts his diversity in production technique.

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