Charlie Puth – How Long (Jerry Folk Remix)Jerry Folk

Charlie Puth – How Long (Jerry Folk Remix)

Los Angeles-based producer¬†Jerry Folk¬†has released a groovy remix of Charlie Puth‘s “How Long.” The indie-electronic piece features a more relaxed feel with vibrant beats, alluring instrumentation, and a fresh spin on Puth’s vocals. Jerry Folk has taken the original track to new heights with a moving tempo and a funky, glowing bassline.

Folk has been known for his laid-back yet colorful creations which showcase a style categorized by shimmering synths and unwavering, smooth undertones. One of Folk’s most renowned works, “I’m Honestly Not A Gangster,” is a testament to his playful signature sound, as the young artist flaunts his ability to capture both a genre-bending niche and an innovative new wave of indie-electronica in his production. With his latest take on Puth’s original, Folk seamlessly masters a technique that many listeners yearn for.

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