What is Destructo up to? Cryptic roll out for new event AMF beginsDestructo Press

What is Destructo up to? Cryptic roll out for new event AMF begins

AMF is about to be the next big event on this year’s spring/summer festival circuit. While quite a few likely haven’t heard of AMF yet, that’s definitely bound to change with Gary Richards calling the shots behind the emerging new event brand… and he’s bringing along all his friends. Recently the former HARD events head honcho began to roll out the announcement of his latest venture, his first major movement since being named president of LiveStyle, launching a simple one-page website to introduce AMF.

Curious fans are greeted on the page by a handful of short quips, including a tantalizing, “all your old friends, and some new ones too.” For now, information on All My Friends Music Festival is intentionally sparse, leaving droves of loyal Destructo fans with merely a Facebook post and an embellished landing page to ponder ahead of what’s sure to be a huge announcement from the LiveStyle came in the coming weeks.

Will this be Gary’s long-awaited answer to his HARD departure? With a name like All My Friends, can we expect LCD Soundsystem to headline every night of the event? Only time will tell, but for now, one things remains for sure: in Gary we trust. 



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