[EXCLUSIVE] Music is 4 Lovers launches new label with a stunning EP from Nico MendezMusic Is 4 Lovers Nico Mendez

[EXCLUSIVE] Music is 4 Lovers launches new label with a stunning EP from Nico Mendez

“Music is 4 Lovers” is a well-known name among the house and transformational festival circuit.Beginning as a blog in 2011, the brand has since evolved into a reputable event organizer, bringing an array of caliber underground artists to festivals like Lightning in a Bottle, as well as the cities of San Diego and LA.

The time has now come for its next step: owning a label. Music is 4 Lovers thus debuts their namesake imprint in the most grooving of fashions, employing rising Glasgow producer Nico Mendez to provide its very first EP. The four-piece project centers around ‘Dealin,” a deep house cut peppered with mellowed-out synth notes and retro vocal clips. Though smooth in its delivery, the song rocks the dancefloor — as does its B-side and adjoining remixes by 17 Branches and My Favorite Robot.

“All five tunes are different from one another but maintain those deep and vibey grooves that we love,” continues Jimbo James. “I’ve been playing The Revenge remix out a lot and it really hypnotizes the dance floor; but the EP is built around the title track “Dealin”, which to me has that timeless element. The whole EP is great!” –
Jimbo James, Music is 4 Lovers Owner


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