Gina Turner arrested while boarding Holy Ship! 10.0Holyship14a 059

Gina Turner arrested while boarding Holy Ship! 10.0

DJ Gina Turner has been arrested after attempting to board Holy Ship! 10.0 with illegal substances on her person. A host of morning yoga classes on prior Holy Ship! iterations, Turner was apprehended at 5:17 PM at Port Canaveral, the place of the boat’s boarding, and later charged with one count of possession of cocaine, and two counts of possession of another controlled substance. Police did not reveal the name of the secondary controlled substance.

Turner’s bail was set at $15,000. Turner was to play an early morning set on January 6 from 4 AM-6 AM, in addition to a b2b style Drum & Bass set with Mija later in the weekend. Turner was additionally scheduled to head a Numerology Workshop on Tuesday, January 9, but will no longer meet any of the 10.0 weekend’s bookings.

Turner spoke out shortly after the charges in a tweet that has since been deleted. She expressed therein that she will indeed return for Holy Ship! 11.0 from January 10-13, highlighting the alleged charges to be “invalid.” Turner maintains that the two controlled substances in her possession at the time of the arrest were marijuana and a natural vitamin. The DJ cites a “false positive reading” on the natural vitamin as a culprit in the arrest, while stating that she has a “medical card” for the marijuana then on her person.

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