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Hammer releases three-track EP on Feel My Bicep Records

Longtime friend of the electro-slinging, progressive, and ’90s-style house purveyors Bicep has released his first solo outing for the imprint. C-Space is the title of Hammer‘s new three-track EP, and it’s a glistening deliverance of galactic-tinged techno. The EP also doubles as the first release of 2018 for the Feel My Bicep label. Hammer’s new EP is a cavernous apex of sweeping chords, ’80s-style synth lines, and sharp analog drums — which is a move that renders his place in the Feel My Bicep catalog all the more deserved.

C-Space is the first Feel My Bicep release since Bicep’s self-titled debut album, which came out last year. While the new EP is now streaming, its 12″ release is not slated until March 3. Pre-order it here.

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