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Hurley Mower ft Manasseh – Metronome

Hurley Mower and vocalist Manasseh mesh colorful indie R&B vibes with laid back, elegant vocals to create a stunning original titled, “Metronome” — out now via Lowly Palace The captivating piece features glowing synths over smooth waves of bass compiled with relaxed beats. “Metronome” is the perfect combination of tasteful, easy going sounds coupled with an intriguing rhythmic structure.

The Chicago based producer has garnered widespread support for his melodic, easy going style categorized by sweeping harmonic progressions, riveting vocal features, and uplifting, mesmerizing melodies.

Some of his most prominent pieces include, “Home Cooked” which showcases fluttering, distorted vocals, bouncy undertones, and breathtaking bridges that build into grooving waves of infectious sound. Another notable track is “Drank,” which flaunts a more energetic feel with an upbeat tempo and echoing synths.

With his latest production, Hurley Mower perfects his signature indie R&B style and displays a technique that is bound to captivate listeners from the first stream.

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