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Jeff Mills to partner with NTS and NASA for six-part radio show ‘The Outer Limits’

Techno stalwart Jeff Mills is preparing to launch a six-part radio series in partnership with the London-based radio station NTS and NASA, known as Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits.

Conceived and curated by Mills, The Outer Limits is a 60-minute musical program which will explore “the intricacies of time and space.” According to the show’s NTS site, it will be “articulating theories and probabilities of the cosmos in ways never explored before. “

Shows will bring an array of guest musicians, artists, curators, and critically acclaimed experts specializing in classical music, jazz, electronic music, space, and other art forms.

The first chapter of The Outer Limits explores the different theories behind the black hole and airs at 2 PM GMT on January 17, 2018, here. Learn more about each episode and Mills’ latest endeavor here.

Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits’ Episode Schedule:

Chapter 1: Black Hole- January 17
Chapter 2: Apollo 18- March 14
Chapter 3: Star People- May 30
Chapter 4: TBA-  August 15
Chapter 5: TBA- September 26
Chapter 6: TBA- November 28


Source: Facebook
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