Korgs adds a compact mixer to its affordable Volca lineKorg Volca Mi 180118

Korgs adds a compact mixer to its affordable Volca line

Korg has unveiled a new compact miniature mixer in its affordable Volca lineup for users to tie in their synths and drum machines with.

The new four-channel Volca Mix features stereo mini-jack inputs, vertical faders and sends on each of the three channels, a 3.5mm sync input for lining up tracks, and mute buttons on each channel for users to quickly drop elements in and out.

One of the most notable features of the Volca mixer is that it can also work as a sync clock, supplying power to up to three Volca synths at a time using its three built-in DC out jacks, meaning all of the work on the mixers can be tied down to the one Volca Mix.

Volca Mix also has built-in master effects, including a stereo widening effect, a dynamic range compressor, and a side chain effect.  Although, users can still optimize their own effects using the Volca Mix’s send out and aux in jacks.

Despite its smaller size, Volca Mix’s two built-in stereo speakers are reportedly more powerful than those found on the original Volca instruments, though there’s also a stereo line out and headphone jack for fuller sound capabilities. The Volca Mix is priced at $169.99 and will be released this March.

Korgs adds a compact mixer to its affordable Volca lineVolca Mi Range 180118



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