Lane 8’s latest single ‘Stir Me Up’ is an affective serenadeCS3626521 02A BIG

Lane 8’s latest single ‘Stir Me Up’ is an affective serenade

Lane 8 has dropped off another track ahead of his new album, Little By Little.

Despite the belief that Daniel Goldstein might be finished teasing the record, “Stir Me Up” arrives ahead of the album’s January 19 release as its fourth single.

“Stir Me Up” is sonically aligned with the LP’s lead single, “No Captain,” which intertwines Poliça‘s honeyed vocals. It echoes Lane 8’s desire to embody experiences in his music and simultaneously aligns him as one of deep house’s most erudite proprietors.

“I found a lot of joy in focusing on each little task achieved, each small accomplishment that pushed me one step closer to the goal of making another album – another experience – that I was really proud of. In a way I think that’s what this album is all about – taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey,” he’d said of the work when he released “No Captain.”

Lane 8’s sophomore album, Little By Little, is out January 19, on his own imprint, This Never Happened.

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