Marcus Marr unveils the introspective ‘Familiar Five’

English producer Marcus Marr has debuted the lead single from his upcoming EP of the same name, “Familiar Five.”

A brief, formless intro gives forth to a meaty growl of a bassline that creates the foundation for the duration of the track. A minimalist composition, Marr couples that bassline with production flourishes that slowly unfurl and imbue the track with an ever-rising tension.

The production alone would make for thoughtful, intriguing track, yet Marr doubles down by adding introspective lyrics that, both in style and affectation, wouldn’t be out of place from the likes of Leonard Cohen. Marr deadpans in a mysterious baritone about being both a freak and unique — all while that rumbling bassline pulses menacingly beneath.

It’s a devious, captivating curveball to start 2018 and certainly ramps up the anticipation surrounding the Familiar Five EP’s release.

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