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Martin Garrix honors parents’ wish for their late son

16-year-old aspiring producer Jonas Nesse looked up to Martin Garrix. He considered Garrix his “guiding star” and wanted nothing more than to collaborate with the superstar producer.

Unfortunately, Nesse passed away unexpectedly on Jan. 1. His parents, knowing Nesse’s admiration for Garrix, wanted to find a way to honor their late son and get his music into the hands of the Dutch artist. Their social media post caught the eye of Owen Norton, an up-and-coming producer who received support from Garrix in the past. He decided to help Nesse’s parents in their quest to get Nesse’s music to Garrix and wrote to the producer.

Garrix responded to Norton’s email, leaving a beautiful and supportive message for Nesse’s parents, below.

Listen to Nesse’s final production below.

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