Monstercat announces split into two brands: Instinct and UncagedMonstercat Instinct Uncaged

Monstercat announces split into two brands: Instinct and Uncaged

Canadian label Monstercat has started 2018 off with a bold step in a new direction.

After seeing exponential growth in 2017 encompassing a broad spectrum of music, the 2017 DA Label of the Year has announced a massive change in the label to cater to its wide fan base.

Going forward, the label will be split into two brands — Instinct and Uncaged — to represent the music classified under each. Instinct will represent the “pop-infused faction of music” under the Monstercat name, while Uncaged will represent the “heavy-hitting and bass-fueled side” of the label.

The Monstercat team also announced that Adam Young of Owl City and Didrick will be releasing under the Instinct brand in 2018, and Gent & Jawns and Darren Styles will be joining the Uncaged side this year. 2018 will also see releases from Pegboard Nerds, Modestep, Stephen and Conro.

The two videos below give a quick snapshot of what listeners can expect from both sides of the label in coming months.

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