Newcomer Ampzer releases striking original, ‘Phere’Ampzer Photo

Newcomer Ampzer releases striking original, ‘Phere’

The ingenious newcomer Ampzer readily displays some clever, unique talents when it comes to fusing disparate styles with contemporary electronic sounds. Beginning with astounding classical piano progressions in his latest release, “Phere,” Ampzer showcases intricate skill and mastery of delicate yet invigorating technique. As the piece builds, the breathtaking piano riffs abruptly cease and ominous, weighty waves of unrelenting bass and synth blare in shocking juxtaposition. The complexity of “Phere” showcases Ampzer’s talent for experimenting with a style that is extremely rare in the dance music realm.

As a mainly underground act, Ampzer has officially released only a couple of tracks. However, these works are quickly amassing support for their unique flavor and colorful vibe. His other piece, “Lotus” varies dramatically from “Phere” as Ampzer flexes his ability to layer different textures in a tasteful medley, resulting in intense builds contrasted by laid back interludes. Nevertheless, with “Phere,” Ampzer shows the scene what’s in store for the future in his very own blend of classic and contemporary sounds.

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