Notaker teams up with Grey MTTR for ‘Too Smooth’ on Monstercat [Q&A]Notaker Press Pic

Notaker teams up with Grey MTTR for ‘Too Smooth’ on Monstercat [Q&A]

For his first release of 2018, St. Louis producer¬†Notaker¬†diverts from the darker feel of tracks like “Retribution” for an upbeat collaboration with vocalist Grey MTTR. “Too Smooth,” out now on Monstercat, perfectly embodies its title, with a swanky vibe and fluid, clean-cut production. Grey MTTR’s lively vocals pair impeccably with the dance floor-ready track Notaker’s crafted, making “Too Smooth” a stellar addition to both artists’ discographies.

We caught up with Notaker to hear what went into making this track and what’s in store for 2018, below.

How did this collaboration with Grey MTTR come to be? 

My manager Steve introduced me to Grey MTTR in spring of 2017 and sent him over a version of what is now “Too Smooth.” Him and I connected via email and chatted on the phone about ideas and decided to work on it together.

What was the process like for creating “Too Smooth?” How long has it been in the works?

Initially, I designed the bass sound in the song and from there it gave me the idea to write a groove / disco influenced record around that sound. Once I had the instrumental done, I sent it over to Grey MTTR and we worked on incorporating his vocals and lyrics into the song in a comprehensive way.

“Too Smooth” is pretty different from many of your other recent releases, like “Retribution.” How do you see your sound evolving in 2018?

“Too Smooth” is a small deviation from what my music will sound like in 2018, most of the other releases I have are way less poppy and groove-orientated. I’m planning to get back to the more electronic sound people know me for and continue telling stories with my tunes.

Why is Monstercat the perfect platform for a song like “Too Smooth?”

Because their fans are very accepting of artists’ trying new things and pushing their boundaries with music. The same can be said for the staff over at Monstercat, they’re open to sign new things from their artists and unlike other labels aren’t trying to pigeonhole an artist to one specific style forever.

What’s coming up for you in 2018?

Amazing things, lots more with The Vessel, lots more storytelling. There are some tracks I’ve written recently that are some of my best work to date and I can’t wait to get to show them off.

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