Panasonic to add two new turntables to its high-end Technics lineScreen Shot 2017 10 21 At 5.24.51 PM

Panasonic to add two new turntables to its high-end Technics line

Panasonic is poised to introduce two new turntables to its premium Technics line, the SP-10R and the SL-1000R.

Touted as Technic’s “most premium turntable ever,” the SP-10R — a revamp of the original SP10, launched in 1969 — made its debut as a prototype at IFA 2017, a large scale tech show hosted in Berlin. The SP-10R’s function centered around noise reduction and overall accuracy, a rubber layer located at the rear surface cuts out vibrations. The finished model additionally boasts a coreless direct-drive motor, a contributor to the SP-10R’s low wow and flutter rate.

The SP-10R is expected to market as a highly desirable release from the traditionally high-end Technics collection, the model possessing the world’s “highest signal-to-noise ratio,” rendering the SP-10R as a remarkably “stable” and “precise” option when it comes to playing vinyl. The SP-10R is interchangeable with other models in the SP-10 family, allowing owners and new purchasers alike to continue using their already acquired turntables.

The second prong of Technic’s dual release is the SL-1000R, an “all-in-one” style system that comes outfitted with an S-type universal tonearm. The SL-1000R’s base may also be integrated with the turntable.

Panasonic has yet to identify a release date and a set price for each model.

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