Paper Diamond – Work 9000Paper Diamond Boi

Paper Diamond – Work 9000

Alexander Botwin, better known as Paper Diamond, broke his multi-year silence with the new single “Work 9000,” out on Fools Gold Records. A taste of a number of new selections set to for release from the producer, the track occupies a heavier bass line than Botwin’s traditional production M.O.

The song’s forthright stabs mark a triumphant return for Paper Diamond, his recent relocation from Colorado to Los Angeles fueling a revitalized inspiration. “Music has always lead my life” he says, “and driven me to make moves and change things up.” Botwin has built a cult following.

“The new music is a good representation of me drowning out the outside world and making what comes naturally. I didn’t limit myself to one style, genre, bpm, or idea and focused more on musical spontaneity.”

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