Premiere: Bruno Martini & Zeeba – With MeBrunoMartini4

Premiere: Bruno Martini & Zeeba – With Me

Brazilian vocalist Bruno Martini made history with the release of “Hear Me Now” in 2016, a dance release reminiscent of the indie-pop genre in its beat construction, lyrical content, and general tone. Martini’s debut record, “Hear Me Now” garnered more than 350-million streams, a record for Brazilian artists. A release that featured singer-songwriter Zeeba, if “Hear Me Now” was  foundational to Martini’s early career in the music industry, Martini’s latest single, “With Me,” functions as a sonic segue to the current state of Martini’s mellifluous sound.

Martini and Zeeba reprise their collaborative efforts on “With Me,” a reiteration of the indie-pop aesthetic apparent on “Hear Me Now.” An understated, mellow offering, “With Me” is defined by its minimalism. Gentle piano and guitar melodies comprise the base of the song, proving to be smooth contrasts to Martini’s hoarsely resonant vocal.

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