Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber are the latest to join YouTube’s billion views club

Perhaps there was a brief moment of skepticism when it became obvious that Skrillex and Diplo would be instrumental in resurrecting Justin Bieber‘s career. In 2014, Bieber was unanimously hated by every living human over the age of 11, and simultaneously, EDM’s perennial cool guys were riding converging waves into the massive swell that became Jack Ü.

In spite of seemingly divergent paths, the combination materialized anyway, the product was, of course, “Where Are Ü Now,” and the rest is history: over four million units moved, four platinum certifications earned, and a Grammy Award to boot. Any fleeting skepticism washed away as the song came to define the year and dominate the airwaves, and now, the blockbuster collaboration has reached another considerable milestone, as it is the latest to join YouTube‘s billion view ranks.

Coincidentally enough, of less than 50 inductions, none of these artists are strangers to the Billion Views Club, with Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo each already earning previous spots in the club. Seeing a pattern here? The track’s undeniable appeal was also matched with a creative video concept which sourced fan art from admirers around the world. “Where Are Ü Now” joins sweeping hits from Taylor Swift, Adele, The Chainsmokers and more as the past decade’s leading pop hallmarks.

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