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Spotify to launch new multimedia format called Spotlight

Spotify has officially announced the launch of a multimedia sector called Spotlight. The streaming giant is introducing visual supplement — including text, photos and videos — to augment its audio components, such as audiobooks, podcasts and other content. The launch will cover a wide range of interests from music, sports, politics, pop culture and a plethora of other user interests.

“It feels like a generation ago that MTV News delivered the latest to a whole generation of music fans, but it’s not hard to imagine BuzzFeed News and Spotify doing the same in 2018,” BuzzFeed News editor-in-chief Ben Smith states in a prepared press statement. “We’re incredibly excited to bring together our award-winning audio team, world-class journalism, and Spotify’s massive, dynamic platform to get listeners up to speed every morning.”

Many of Spotify’s key partners are already on board with the new format, including BuzzFeed News, Lenny Letter, Cheddar, Crooked Media, Refinery29, Gimlet Media, Genius, The Minefield Girl and Uninterrupted.

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