Watch this legend put the ‘bone’ in Zamboni, figure skating to DJ Snake’s ‘Turn Down For What’

Even 10 years ago, legendary mens figure skater Chazz Michael Michaels understood the importance of provocation in the characteristically tamed and traditional world of competitive skating. Michaels knew how to “get the people going” and now the character has actually inspired a real professional men’s figure skater to boldly take a page out of his playbook. Meet Jimmy Ma, the Queens-native men’s figure skater who’s routine at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, scored by DJ Snake hits, recently took the internet by storm.

Doing his best to upend the sport’s historically prim, formal decorum, Ma skates his heart out to “Propaganda” and Snake’s now seminal party anthem “Turn Down For What.” Likely hoping to bolster his score and overall placing with his stunt, Ma wound up closing the day in 11th place, though he’s already nabbed a spot on the highlight reel of this year’s most commendable, albeit bizarre sports moments.

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