Xan Griffin continues his zodiac series with ‘Capricorn’an Griffin Capricorn

Xan Griffin continues his zodiac series with ‘Capricorn’

Since last May, California producer Xan Griffin has been churning out a unique series of songs centered around the signs of the zodiac. His first release of 2018 is the eighth song in the series, “Capricorn,” the sign for those born between Dec. 21 and Jan. 19. The artist has teamed up with WOLFE for a song that’s as adventurous as the accompanying artwork. With a slightly ominous vibe, alluring vocals, and meticulously crafted progressions, “Capricorn” is another shining example of Xan Griffin’s top-notch production.

“Really hope all of you enjoy this song I made as it’s supposed to embody the personality of a Capricorn. Was so fun working with WOLFE especially since he is a Capricorn himself!” 

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