Shigeto & ZelooperZ release ZGTO ‘A Piece Of The Geto’ short filmA Piece Of The Geto Lead Image

Shigeto & ZelooperZ release ZGTO ‘A Piece Of The Geto’ short film

Zach Saginaw has been celebrated for his production wizardry since the release of his debut album, Full Circle, as Shigeto in 2010. Although he was a working musician well beforehand, Shigeto’s seemingly effortless ability to move between the worlds of instrumental hip-hop, jazz, and funk, resonated with listeners in Full Circle. Anyone who’s been lucky enough to see him behind the deck knows that his performances are as diverse as productions. Years into his own musical venture Saginaw was introduced to the rapidly rising Bruiser Brigade member ZelooperZ and with an instantaneous bond, the two birthed ZGTO, which in no time formed as Shigeto’s first exclusive use of a vocalist on a project.

Over a two year period, ZelooperZ and Shigeto honed in on their sound, minimal in sonic affect but heavy in emotional response. Inevitably, ZGTO worked up to their first full-length record, A Piece Of The Geto, released in the summer of 2017 via Ghostly International and Third Man Records.

“It’s a representation of what two brothers from completely different environment can give each other. The music is freedom for us. It’s a chance to say that all of those rules that you thought existed, don’t exist,” Saginaw said of the project.

As the sonic partnership progressed, the two naturally began to influence each other on various artistic fronts, and combines to form an intimate reflection of the budding emotional and sonic relationship between ZelooperZ and Shigeto.

Presently, the duo’s released a stunning, 14-minute short film for their album A Piece of the Geto. Directed by Devin Williams, Walter Williams, and Alexander Gao, A Piece of the Geto offers a behind-the-scenes look at the depth of ZGTO, complete with pleasing visuals — in the same vein as Kamasi Washington’s enveloping “Truth” — released earlier last year.


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