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5 artists not to miss at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2018

Attendees will encounter live musical acts from all along the electronic, indie rock, and hip-hop/R&B spectrum upon entrance to the urban playground, which is set against the backdrop of an abandoned early 20th Century power plant and a warehouse featuring the city’s most iconic Mardi Gras floats. It’s a difficult feat to single out a mere five must-see artists, given the plethora of incredible talent slated to perform for this year’s sixth edition. Indeed, while there are innumerable exceptional artists which are not on this list, here are five artists Dancing Astronaut recommends making a point to see.

Tickets for BUKU are available here.

Walker & Royce

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Photo courtesy of Walker & Royce.

With releases on Relief, This Ain’t Bristol, Pets Recordings, and many more, Walker & Royce join the BUKU line-up after the recent release of their genre-defying debut album Self Help, out on Dirtybird Records. Their iconic live DJ sets invite listeners on an out-there trip through the quirks and quips of an act on the tip of modern house music’s tongue. The result is a journey whose stops are as fit for introspection as it is for peak club moments. Head to BUKU’a new riverside stage, The Wharf, and arrive ready to be lured into deep contemplation with club-ready grooves on top.

 Jade Cicada 

5 artists not to miss at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2018Gem+%26+Jam?format=1500w

Jade Cicada performs at Gem & Jam Festival, 2018.

After developing tendonitis in his arm from years of viola playing, underground bass producer Jade Cicada (Skyler Golden) took it as a sign to put down the strings and pick up the laptop. His music is a reflection of a few spiritually-attuned ideals, as well as a constant homage to those who have inspired him.  Jade Cicada’s stage name implies virtues like wisdom, peace, and rebirth, and he brings these to his experimental sound design that utilizes break beat, lo-fi synth work, and low tempo bass lines. The Denver-based artist will be providing an immersive bass experience to fans at BUKU’s iconic Float Den.

 Virtual Self 

5 artists not to miss at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2018Porter Robinson June 2017 Billboard 1548

Photo credit: Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Virtual Self is a bright new act that needs no introduction. As the brainchild of Porter Robinson, the quirky dance music project authentically incorporates IDM, jungle-inspired drum breaks, era-accurate trance super saw sections, early hardcore and j-core elements — all morphed into something that sounds robust and thoroughly produced. Exposed, vindicated, and honest, Robinson is poised as a tastemaker to influence dance music trends. Come experience Virtual Self’s US festival debut before Robinson brings his brand new headlining act to every major festivals across the country, including Spring Awakening, Bonaroo, and many more.

 Black Gummy 

5 artists not to miss at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2018BlackGummy

BlackGummy began as the brainchild of Los Angeles-based electronic music producer Iman Marouf, who “discovered” the entity seen in his performances during a trip to the Middle East and Asia. He spends almost all of his time locked away in his studio, crafting new productions that attempt to lend a voice to the enigmatic persona that is BlackGummy. When he’s not in his studio, he is either performing alongside “the idol” in nightclubs and venues, and second, to search the four-corners of earth for more clues into his alter ego’s vague origins. Catch BlackGummy at BUKU’s VIP Back Alley stage.

 Illenium (Awake Live) 

5 artists not to miss at BUKU Music + Arts Project 2018Illenium 2017 Billboard 1548

Illenium performs at Bonnaroo Arts And Music Festival , 2017. Photo credit: FilmMagic.

Illenium‘s prolific outpouring of captivating remixes and haunting originals has garnered him a devoted following and has seen him rise quickly in the ranks of the dance music community. He has distinguished himself from the future bass herd through his unrivaled ability to create an immersive emotional experience of highs and lows that pulls on the heart-strings and leaves listeners awestruck. Bringing his Awake Live tour to NOLA this March, Illenium’s stunning live performance will incorporate a keyboard and drum pad framed by cutting-edge lighting and visuals to immerse listeners in captivating melodic bass. Illenium headlines the Power Plant stage on Saturday, March 9th.

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