Bad Royale’s new track is heaven to bass lovers’ earsBAD ROYALE

Bad Royale’s new track is heaven to bass lovers’ ears

Bad Royale had a roller coaster of a 2017. The production crew collaborated with the likes of Steve Aoki while contrastingly shrinking to a three-man crew. The trio is back with new music and returned to their Caribbean bass roots with their newest release, “Lock Off Di Dance” featuring Richie Loop.

The track opens with pop synths and Richie Loop’s punchy vocals. It then builds into a dirty drop that was practically manufactured for live performance. Kevin Wild from Bad Royale spoke on the track detailing the group’s plans for a full bass EP,

“Bad Royale has been on a musical journey for the past year, and we dabbled in a bit of radio pop influenced sounds, but we wanted to get back to our Caribbean Bass roots so we got to work on a full bass ep. We’re kicking it off with ‘Lock Off Di Dance’ and because we’ve been working so closely with Steve Aoki this past year, we felt like Dim Mak would be a great home for these releases.”

If “Lock Off Di Dance” speaks to the quality of their full bass ep, Bad Royale will have a big 2018 with a plethora of releases to satisfy listeners’ bass cravings.

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