Bassheads will rejoice at SLANDER and SAYMYNAME’S newest release ‘I Can’t Escape’I Cant Escape

Bassheads will rejoice at SLANDER and SAYMYNAME’S newest release ‘I Can’t Escape’

SLANDER teamed up with SAYMYNAME and Feli Ferraro on the intense new track “I Can’t Escape,” out now on Insomniac Records. The track tells the tale of a tortured mind through the juxtaposition of soothing, emotive piano melodies paired with stabbing basslines and serrated synths.

SLANDER spoke with Dancing Astronaut about “I Can’t Escape,” which they have been teasing for months leading up to the full release.

“We have been wanting to make a song with SAYMYNAME for while now, and last year we finally found a free moment for all of us to work together in the studio. The main idea for the song came together in one day, which was amazing. Then we did a vocal session with Feli Ferraro a few weeks later to nail the topline. We really love this track because it is emotional and heavy all at the same time and thats what we were shooting for! Hope you guys enjoy it!”

The drop is, for all intents and purposes, manufactured for heavy-hitting festival sets with its commanding dubstep chords. SLANDER is known to produce both emotive commercial house and bass-heavy releases, and “I Can’t Escape” is a great example of their ability to merge these two seemingly different genres into a dynamic track.

The duo just wrapped up their Superhuman tour, and fans can expect more releases now that they are back in the studio creating new releases for 2018.

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