Claptone unveils entrancing music video for ‘In The Night’ [Watch]Claptone Min

Claptone unveils entrancing music video for ‘In The Night’ [Watch]

“Over the last two-years, it has been a great pleasure to work on this album as a counterpoint to the hectic world of traveling as a DJ,” says Claptone of his sophomore album FANTAST, “To lose myself when making music, to dive into and create my very own realm of beauty.” While FANTAST will not make a complete debut until its formal release date of June 8, the masked musician has provided fans a further glimpse into the “realm of beauty” that is FANTAST via the publication of the official music video for the album’s lead single, “In The Night.”

Released on February 12, the music video commands the enigmatical meets magical aesthetic that characterizes not only Claptone as a performer, but all productions christened with his name. An enthralling embodiment of the fantastical, the music video is comprised of a smooth choreography synchronized to “In The Night’s” rhythmic progressions, and performed by none other than the producer himself. Attention to textile detail proves paramount at the video’s end, where Claptone and a group of fellow masked dancers perform a rapturous “water fountain dance sequence.”


H/T: Billboard

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