Couture – O.H.M.Couture O.H.M 2

Couture – O.H.M.

Couture, the new duo from Simon Lam of Kllo and Hamish Mitchell of I’lls, have released a new single, “O.H.M.” The track simultaneously represents a shift in tone from each artists’ respective main projects, an undercurrent of their established styles is still readily apparent.

As an ethos, the project is a bit tongue-in-cheek, though “O.H.M.” is by no means a joke. A shuffling, garage-inspired beat provides the track with locomotion, while staccato vocal samples burst above. Soon, watery synths flow in before a resurgence of experimental, minimalist production techniques.

An utterly unique track, “O.H.M.’s” minimalist and surprising style coalesces into a thoughtful, danceable form.

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