[UPDATED] Watch the music video for DRAM and Diplo’s pensive new R&B cut ‘Look Back’Diplo Dram Look Back Artwork Dancing Astro

[UPDATED] Watch the music video for DRAM and Diplo’s pensive new R&B cut ‘Look Back’

Diplo‘s chameleonic production capabilities have shifted colors once again. This time, the Mad Decent skipper proctors a sultry, smooth R&B hybrid production with breakout rapper DRAM that offers a contemplative, laid back vibe from front to back, paired with a matching video feature to boot. DRAM and Diplo find a collaborative rhythm on “Look Back,” free of swelling drops or clever rhyme schemes, opting rather for airy, distant percussion arrangements and sailing guitar chords to back Big Baby’s instantly recognizable vocals. The new track is the first from Diplo’s upcoming California EP, his first solo work since 2013’s Revolution. 

Roping in the familiar kicks and snares of a Drake deep cut and pairing it with some impressive Marvin Gaye-esque crooning and a catchy sing-along hook, the Grammy-nominated rapper and his pop titan counterpart drop off a surprising switch of gears on “Look Back.” Blending classic R&B elements with touches of blues rock and pieces of contemporary hip-hop, Diplo and DRAM pair up on a soulful new joint effort that should entirely sidestep anyone’s preconceived notions.

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