My Favorite Robot – Femur LoveseatMy Favorite Robot Femur Loveseat

My Favorite Robot – Femur Loveseat

My Favorite Robot have entered 2018 with a new vision: creating an outlet for functional, club-based tracks. The prolific duo has manifested this vision in a form of a new sublabel, My Favorite Robot Records Red.

They kick off the launch of this new imprint with a single by themselves titled “Femur Loveseat.” Minimal, yet effective, the composition an enduring piece built for the afterhours. Its bassline is its central focus, in which My Favorite Robot proceed to sprinkle in opportune burst of synth arpeggios for heightened intrigue. “Femur Loveseat” thus achieves its functional endeavor, serving as an adaptable addition to any part of a set.


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