Felix Jaehn releases highly anticipated 25-track LP, ‘I’Feli Jaehn

Felix Jaehn releases highly anticipated 25-track LP, ‘I’

Tropical house overseer Felix Jaehn has released his 25-track debut album, I.

Having teased the project with an effervescent collaboration between Marc E. Bassy and Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane, Jaehn masterfully reels listeners in on “Cool” as he serves up a delectable bassline, jovial trumpet licks, and bouncy chords. There’s something remarkably simple about the lighthearted nature of “Cool,” as Jaehn cuts through the excess of the genre and continues to do so throughout the entirety of his new release.

As carries on, it becomes clear the record’s a compact reflection of Jaehn’s brisk ascension. After securing his status as a young producer in the global dance realm with his remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader,” Jaehn began to create a catalog of dance music for the radio, and yet, his music is equally tailored for club play.

Though the playlist-like track lists continue to run rampant through the industry, Jaehn’s effort remains genuine on I, and even sees that the artist’s working beyond his established style along the way.

Ultimately, I’s leading tracks demonstrate his versatility as a producer and pull from a wide range of vocalist talent. On “Don’t Say Love,” featuring Rothchild, Jaehn moves beyond his established brand and experiments with more club-friendly, deep house elements. “Better” employs gorgeous vocals by Swedish rising star Clara Mae and combines Jaehn’s signature synth stabs with a progressive, electro touch.

is divided into two sections: one with brand new music and the other a collection of Jaehn’s greatest hits, allowing fans to gain a complete understanding of one tropical’s most exciting new stalwarts.

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