Fischerspooner release Michael Stipe produced album, ‘Sir’Fischerspooner By Jesus Ugalde

Fischerspooner release Michael Stipe produced album, ‘Sir’

New York City icons and seminal electro-clash group Fischerspooner have released their sixth studio album titled Sir, their first in nearly a decade. The Michael Stipe produced LP occupies an “overtly queer and celebratory body of work in response to the current atmosphere in America,” according to a statement from the group .

Produced in Michael Stipe’s home in Atlanta, Georgia, the collection of hyper-erotic, politically tinged ballads exists at the intersection of brazen maximalism and calculated theatrics.

To celebrate the release, Fischerspooner have also shared their captivating new video for “Butterscotch Goddam,” which was directed by Carlo Van de Roer.

“The song is about a tumultuous love affair” says Roer. “We shot the video entirely in-camera, using optical devices and new filmmaking tools to play with the push and pull of a dichotomous relationship, and the accumulating distortion of reality that comes with that.”

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