Flosstradamus links with rapper 24hrs for aggressive trap piece ‘2 MUCH’

Nothing seems to turn the hype level past 11 quite like a Flosstradamus track does. Whether its a club floor or a festival stage, the Chicago-based beat maker has a knack for producing elbow-throwing sonics, and his latest falls right in line with what he does best. With an assist from Atlanta rapper 24hrs, Flosstradamus has dropped off a boisterous new drug anthem titled “2 MUCH” that sounds exactly like the title suggests.

A simple hook that cycles through popular party favors soons breaks into a deafening barrage of sirens, razor-sharp hi-hat rolls, and thundering percussion on “2MUCH.” It’s a surefire mosh pit starter from front to back…pretty par for the course when Flosstradamus is behind the console.

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