Francis & The Lights – Scream So Loud (Lammer Dance Mix)Francis And The Lights 2007

Francis & The Lights – Scream So Loud (Lammer Dance Mix)

Save for his contemporaries (and, some, frequent collaborators) James Blake, Bon Iver and Kanye West, few artists have successfully synthesized their vocal chops with auto tune as well as Francis and the Lights.

The auteur’s latest album Just For Us  was a love letter to the banal events that humans can’t help but magnify in daily life — from self driving cars to wishing it were possible to go back and erase some haunting mistake.

“Scream So Loud” is just such a track in which a beleaguered vocalist pleads with his distant partner: “you could try to be nice to me.” The near perfect track could only be better if it ran for more than just two minutes.

Netherlands’ Lammer is here to add a much needed edit to the track, using a simple touch and looping a few key verses to massage the track out to nearly twice its original length. Without corroding the track’s simple and emotional sound scape, Lammer’s rework is a refreshing alternate.

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