Haux unveils hauntingly melancholic single ‘Ricochet’Hau

Haux unveils hauntingly melancholic single ‘Ricochet’


Sometimes, even when you try as hard as you can, love just isn’t enough. So reads the achingly melancholic message of producer Woodson Black’s latest release, “Ricochet,” out now via Ultra Records,

Under the Haux moniker, Black has made a name for himself with a string of hauntingly ethereal electronic-folk crossovers that play like a marriage of Bonobo‘s beats and Bon Iver‘s bourbon soaked tears. His latest is no exception.

“Ricochet” sees the producer probing the painful space between love and loss across a uniquely affecting minimal soundscape. A meandering piano refrain slips in and out of the muted drum melody that underscores Black’s dulcet vocal as he tells the story of love lost.

It’s easy to appreciate the producer’s sonic fingerprint, but tracks like this show Black’s remarkable ability to construct rich sonic narratives from a refreshingly spare toolkit and suggest promising things on the horizon for this genre-bending auteur.


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