IAMX releases euphoric, cinematic new LP ‘Alive In New Light’Iam

IAMX releases euphoric, cinematic new LP ‘Alive In New Light’

After taking fans through the forges of intense depression, producer Chris Corner has returned with a searing new LP Alive In New Light. While the album still bears the sonic signatures of Corner’s IAMX project, it’s a valiant and invigorating infusion of light into the fabric of his oeuvre.

The album’s title track — the “happiest song [he’s] ever written” — sets just such a mood and carries the album through a sweeping, cinematic examination of Corner’s demons and the pleasures of spiritual metamorphosis.

Alive In New Light is both a thank you to Corner’s devoted fan base and an invitation for them to join him in a new chapter of his creative journey. Recorded entirely in the California desert, the album is captivatingly nuanced and impeccably mixed from start to finish. Fans and new listeners alike are sure to rejoice in Corner’s efforts here — perhaps his most impressive work to date.

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