Instupendo – BoyInstupendo Boy

Instupendo – Boy

With the release of his debut EP in 2017, Instupendo was faced with taking the next step in his burgeoning career. From SoundCloud sensation to remixing the likes of RAC,  the producer was tasked with growing his sound into new avenues. With “Boy,” his first release of 2018,  Instupendo has done just that.

Familiar, rounded off arpeggios open the track, followed shortly by bass and strings that add an air of maturity to the composition. A melody that concurrently bubbles and cascades over percussion gives “Boy” an infusion of energy, before a bridge section that begins melancholic before a slyly transitioning into a grinning prelude return to form.

Instupendo doesn’t completely revamp his sound on “Boy,” but rather stretches and extends his signature techniques into fresh styles — a hallmark of an artist truly coming into their own.

Photo Credit: Ralph Nardell

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