Kölsch exudes sheer cerebral bliss on WhoMadeWho ‘Dynasty’ rework7a83ba6865193bd8e88cfa167e86848e71dade06

Kölsch exudes sheer cerebral bliss on WhoMadeWho ‘Dynasty’ rework

Copenhagen’s enticing, experimental pop trio, WhoMadeWho, is fresh off the release of their latest studio album, Through the Walls.

As much as their new LP plunges into experimental pop, it’s also an equally beguiling take on acid house. It’s brimming with stylistic changes, and as it twists and turns in wondrous lyrical opacity, it becomes clear that Through the Walls is a deeply distinct take on a genre that can often be all too pastiche.

Now, it seems the Kompakt affiliates are kindred spirits with another idiosyncratic labelmate, as the trio found their way into the heart of Kölsch, who’s put his emotive spin on “Dynasty” from their new LP.

Kölsch’s “Dynasty” remix is an over four-minute extension of the number, and a significantly altered rework. Considering that much of Kölsch’s very reputation has been built on an astonishing arsenal of remixes, it’s unsurprising that “Dynasty,” too, proves to be a solid addition to the wheelhouse.

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