Exclusive Mix: LAPA takes listeners on an impeccable aural odyssey of influencesLAPA

Exclusive Mix: LAPA takes listeners on an impeccable aural odyssey of influences

Aside from his orchestral accomplishments, that include a longstanding working relationship with Emancipator‘s famed Ensemble, the Russian-born violinist Ilya Goldberg, or LAPA, is known for his extensive background in classical violin. Surely a testament to his mastery of the art, his compositions are both deeply cerebral and blissful.

Speaking of his working relationship with Doug Appling of Emancipator, considering that the two of them do have similar taste in both music and their influences, Goldberg expressed that the music they create together is effortless, “…like floating on a magic carpet through sonicscapes and harvesting fruits of overtonal interactions,” he recently said of the process in an interview with Dancing Astronaut. 

Most recently, LAPA coalesced his classically-oriented, moving harmonies, and ambient music into a compelling vessel of aural release.

His debut album, Spirit Vesselis out now on Emancipator’s Loci Records, and it’s both a dazzling transcendence of the Earthly realm and an amalgamation of his diverse interests as an artist. LAPA’s new tunes are created with an immense precision that will surely make plenty appearances in sunrise sets around the world.

While the debut record is already a testament to LAPA’s value as both a stand-alone electronic producer and instrumentalist, he’s also sharing an exclusive mix with Dancing Astronaut that offers some insight on the artists who’ve inspired and shaped his work.

As an artist who serves up an intriguing mélange of upbeat electronic and downtempo grooves, LAPA’s tunes move from dulcet tones to downtempo hip-hop. This can be seen most evidently in the transition from “Dog Walker” to “Stoika” on Spirit Vessel and from Nicolas Jaar‘s “Don’t Break My Love” to Rain’s “Mind” on the mix.

As far as 2018 progresses, LAPA’s expressed he’s most excited about writing new music and continuing to perform. “Also, this year Brandon Warren and Nickles D’Onofrio have joined LAPA on drums and bass for select shows. It’s very inspiring to think of all the places we can take our sets, having the flexibility of live instruments,” he says.

Mix Tracklist:

1. Flashbulb [Moth and Light] x Tom Waits [Lost In The Harbour]
2. Random Rab [Kalide]
3. Englewood [Good To Me]
4. Flako [Lullaby]
5. Flako [Welcome]
6. Quantic
7. Pascaal [Drowning In You]
8. Es-K & Loupo [First Born]
9. Giyo [Your Sweet Love]
10. Sango [Tell Me]
11. The Internet [Special Affair]
12. Random Rab & Birdseye [Wake Of Storm]
13. Mt. Wolf [Life Size Ghosts (Catching Flies Remix)]
14. Ametsub [Snowy Lava]
15. Royksopp [Sparks]
16. Telfon TelAviv [The Birds]
17. Edamame [Sable ft. Tor]
18. ? [Depths]
19. Rumpistol [It’s Everywhere]
20. ? [Huna]
21. Mercy [One More Touch]
22. ? [Rain]
23. ? [Come]
24. ? [Festercare]
25. ? [View From Nowhere]
26. ? [Glaciation]
27. Nicolas Jaar [Don’t Break My Love]
28. Rain [Mind]
29. Oblique [Synkro Rmx]
30. Bop [Clear Your Mind]
31. Mimosa [Flower Of Life]
32. Long Arm [Sleep Safe Ft. I.V.A. & Ruslan Gadzhimuradov]
33. ? [Song 2]
34. Inspired Flight [Jackie’s Song]
35. Toms Barfod [November Skies – Sekuoia Rmx]
36. Sekuoia [Rituals]
37. Ginger & Ghost [One Type Of Dark – Ta-Ku Rmx
38. OriJanus – I want you
39. Aphex Twin [Cliffs – Alarm Will Sound Rmx]
40. Apparat [Over and Over]

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