Madeaux releases final single, ‘The Wave’ from upcoming albumMadeau 1

Madeaux releases final single, ‘The Wave’ from upcoming album

After a heady string of pulsating releases, Fool’s Gold‘s Madeaux unveiled the final single, “The Wave,” featuring BRUX, off his debut album, Burn. The young LA-based producer has been toiling away at the forthcoming collection for two years, describing it as a “self-actualization instruction manual,” in an era in which people “like, follow, and view everything, yet value nothing.”

The LP highlights Madeaux’s devotion to creating the most robust, sensual sounds he can muster. Also on the LP are a potent collection of featured artists and songstresses, including Class Actress and Black Atlass from Madeaux’s throbbing track, “Sweat.”

“The Wave” flaunts some fresh innovation from Madeaux, adding to his characteristic blend of lustful r&b and tenacious warehouse elements. The song begins with a downtempo display of soft percussion paired with BRUX’s entranced brooding over the spell she’s under. But there’s a swift changeup, moving into some playful, club-worthy breaks, as BRUX relents, “Don’t fight it / Just ride the wave.”

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