Meet the underground talent of CRSSD Fest: Nora En PureUnderground Talent Nora 3 1

Meet the underground talent of CRSSD Fest: Nora En Pure

CRSSD‘s 7th edition is a special one —it marks the official third birthday of the festival. Hosted at its usual location at the picturesque Waterfront Park in San Diego, the semi-annual event certainly hasn’t faltered in its lineup curation, inviting the likes of Cirez DEmpire of the SunHenry Saiz, and Tchami onto its bill across March 3 & 4. Dancing Astronaut joins organizers in digging a little deeper into its roster to unearth its top underrated performers to find out their backstories thus far.

Indie dance and deep house matriarch Daniela Niederer, aka Nora En Pure, is notorious for her ability to create emotive, otherworldly atmospheres with both her DJing and blissful production.

The South African-Swiss multi-instrumentalist had her first crucial confrontation with success after her, now iconic, deep house track “Come With Me” lingered on the Beatport Top 100 for an astounding seven months. 2017 saw a tenacious tour schedule put before the young musician, securing her first spot at Coachella and crushing convention as the only female artist to play Tomorrowland‘s Mainstage Daybreak Session.

Recently, En Pure has been entrusted with her own SiriusXM Radio show, entitled Purified, which she hosts weekly, enrapturing listeners by culminating the smoothest collection of deep house, indie, and nu disco she can unearth.

Before she makes her return to the Palms Stage to siege the unsuspecting souls of CRSSD Fest, En Pure sat down with Dancing Astronaut to discuss her early endeavors, the evolution of the US dance scene, and what fans can expect from her on the production end.

CRSSD Fest is sold out, but you can still view further information about the fest here.

What catalyzed your love for dance music?
I always loved music, but electronic music was special because you can be very creative and independent especially in the beginning of a career. And I just love the energy that deep house, house, or progressive gives.

What was your first label release? Would you still play it?
It was an EP called Stockholm Tears, with tracks “Last Native” and “This Nation” on it. They all had this sort of chilled-progressive lounge sound to them. Depending on the occasion, I would maybe still play them, but they are quite different to my characteristic sound now.

Describe the moment or event that made you realize that you were meant to be a full-time DJ.
There was no moment per say that made me decide that. Booking requests started picking up and on the side, I was still working part-time for a refugee help organization. And at some stage there was no time anymore for another job. Music and playing makes me really happy so I’m really grateful for how it’s been going.

What’s your opinion of the dance scene in the US right now?
I love playing in the US, and I feel that the crowds more and more know their music and develop a certain taste, which is great. Some years ago I felt I had to play quite commercial and upbeat in the US compared to Europe. But now, more and more I try deeper or more elaborate sets and I feel it is quite appreciated.

What are you looking forward to most about CRSSD Fest?
I love this festival. The lineup is always on point. Its location and setting are really cool, and San Diego is a great city for me to play in anyway. I’ve been looking forward to CRSSD for a long time.

Where are your favorite places to play in the world, and why?
Spontaneously that would be Toronto, San Diego, New York, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Johannesburg, Melbourne and Prague. These are all cities where I experienced the greatest crowds and have incredible memories of amazing nights.

What are the biggest things in your pipeline at the moment?
I am looking forward to playing some great festivals again this year including Tomorrowland and Panorama NYC. And in March, I’ll be opening Miami Music Week with my own Purified pool party which I’m really looking forward to.

Besides that, I want to release another vocal track next which always turns out to be a little challenging. I have a couple of really cool demos, so either its going to be one of those with a cool topline or a completely new production.

If you could recommend three artists to catch from the lineup, who would you pick?
I would recommend Cristoph, Gorgon City, and Kyle Watson.

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