Mija makes singing debut on ‘Notice Me’Mija NoticeMe

Mija makes singing debut on ‘Notice Me’

If there is one element that define’s Mija‘s career, it’s a genuine desire to explore new creative avenues and constantly reinvent herself. As 2017 came to a close, the producer made an understated, yet bold claim for the new year: fans would “meet Amber,” her given name and a hint at more personal releases.

Mija’s first release of 2018, “Notice Me,” lives up to her proclamation, as it is her first release that features the producer’s vocals. Keeping in line with her impossible-to-pin-down style, Mija also experiments with a number of sounds, from gentle piano arpeggios, sitar samples, woozy synths, and grinding bass. Though it may seem like too many disparate elements to form a cohesive track, Mija accomplishes the tightrope act with aplomb, crafting an introspective, beguiling original that is heightened by her introspective, effortless vocals.

Luckily for fans, “Notice Me” is just a vanguard for new music from Mija, as she is set to self-release a new EP, The Distance Between Lovers, on February 9.

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