MSG Company looks to build futuristic ‘MSG Sphere’ venue

The Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) has publicized its intent to construct a sphere-shaped venue similar in style to that of the “MSG Sphere” that the American sports & entertainment company seeks to establish in Las Vegas.

MSG Sphere

Photo Credit: Mix Mag

Cutting-edge in the context of venue design, the “MSG Sphere” that MSG aspires to build in Vegas [pictured above] will accommodate 23,000. The Company is set to break ground in the entertainment capital later this year.


The secondary crystal ball inspired venue that the brand is proposing will also cater to a capacity of 23,000, with 18,000 seats, and standing room for 5,000, while standing at a height of 320 feet.


Photo Credit: Variety

The “MSG Sphere,” dubbed a “game-changing” establishment given the advanced technology of the venue’s listening and viewing experience by MSG’s executive vice president for development and construction, Jayne McGivern, is currently eyeing a five-acre, $60-million-dollar piece of property as the site of its construction. The “Sphere” will “revolutionize the way artists and audiences connect,” according to the MSG Company’s chief, James Dolan.

H/T: Mixmag

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