Opiuo – Ginger LizardOpiuo GingerLizard

Opiuo – Ginger Lizard

New Zealand-based producer Opiuo carved out a niche for himself with a number of thoughtfully crafted gems that are heavy on the funk. Now, the artist born Oscar Davey-Wraight has revealed the second cut from his upcoming EP, Syzygy 01.

A building intro gives way to a crunchy bassline that builds a grooving foundation for “Ginger Lizard.” It doesn’t take long for the bass to be accompanied by swirling horn lines, twirling guitar licks, and a plethora of propellant synths. “Ginger Lizard” weaves between numerous styles in its over five minute runtime, and it is a testament to Opiuo’s talent that they form a cohesive final product.

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