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Premiere: AVEC – Bones (Peer Kusiv Remix)

Deep house dilettante Peer Kusiv has transformed AVEC’s severely personal “Bones” into an eerily evocative beauty.

Kusiv highlights her own moving touch by adding ambient accentuations and low-rumbling bass into all of the right places. She masterfully leads listeners through the placid, bristling experience of the original, only for them to be washed in a highly immersive composition.

By first tapping into the chilling affect of AVEC’s vocals within “Bones” emotive confines, Kusiv’s is able to move from oscillating soundscapes to tantalizing textures rich with a low-rumbling bass that shakes listeners to their own bones.

Kusiv had a distinct vision in mind for the track, “I wanted to increase the deep, melancholic touch of the song. For me, the wobble bass after the drop is the underlining the mood of the song.

It’s reworks like these that continue to set the German producer apart. With remixes for the likes of Robin Schulz and the late Michael Jackson, it’s small wonder Kusiv’s attained such sizable support.

Photo Credit: Kidizin Sane

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