Premiere: Danny Howells – Earthlings (3D Debut)Cover

Premiere: Danny Howells – Earthlings (3D Debut)

3D is set to add a new dimension to dance music.

Comprised of progressive icons Danny Howells, Dave Seaman, and Darren Emerson, the newly-minted trio is primed to make its mark within the underground. They’ll be showing their immense chemistry off in an upcoming tour, in which all three acts will be putting forth extended b3b sets curated carefully to provide a unique aural journey with each gig.

Emerson, Seaman, and Howells have also solidified their union by way of a self-titled EP, in which each have contributed their own dynamic addition to the finished product.

Dancing Astronaut has the privilege of presenting Howells’ track, and it is indeed a weapon. Smooth bass and eerie white noise trail along seductive, yet simplified drum patterns, creating a hypnotic underlay for its melodic elements to accent nicely. Piano stabs add a hint of nostalgia to the finished product; yet, it persists as an overwhelmingly contemporary record for the dancefloor.

3D’s debut EP releases on February 23. Pre-order a copy here.


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