Premiere: Monty – MagmaMonty Hypnotize

Premiere: Monty – Magma

French artist Monty shows his chops for high-quality production yet again with this dance floor heater called “Magma” off his forthcoming EP, Hypnotize. The EP is slated for release next month on one of drum and bass music’s most boundary-pushing imprints: Alix Perez’s 1985 Music.

“Magma” heats up first with some fine tuned layers of percussion and foreboding synth work, followed by an onslaught of a red hot bass line that is certain to get the dancefloor moving.

Part of what makes the track (and the EP) so unique and groovy is Monty’s ever-evolving use of syncopation to add extra flavor to the rhythm throughout. In Monty’s words, “For me, this EP is more about the drums. I really tried to get the drums feeling ‘human’ and less ‘clinical’ compared to my previous EP on 1985 Music, Hold Me Back. Some of the patterns in the drums are actually slightly off time like the kick, snare or hats.”

The execution of this difficult technique represents a notable duality in Monty’s music: while he is pushing the boundaries forward with sound design, he’s also borrowing from the break beat beginnings of drum and bass music.

Hypnotize is available for preorder here.

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