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Premiere: Super8 & Tab – Seconds Away

Super8 & Tab are undergoing what is perhaps one of the biggest evolutions of their career. Having been iconic members of the Anjunabeats family for as long as most can remember, the Finnish duo have now moved onto new pastures that make up Armada Music.

Their move came from a desire to expand their sound with full creative freedom, and expanded they have. “Seconds Away” comes as one of the first revealed singles from their inaugural two-part album on the label — appropriately titled Reformation — and it is a veritable big room anthem made for the stadium.

Sarah De Courcy’s vocals complement the piece’s cavernous, robotic synthwork nicely, smoothing out its rough edges and making for a pleasant breakdown addition amid the surrounding chaos. Subtle piano chords and moving melodies complete the “Seconds Away,” giving it a more trancey feel.

“We first played Seconds Away live at ASOT 800 in Utrecht back in February 2017. Ever since it’s been hard to keep this track as an ID but finally now we can release it. We wanted to create something a bit different and had this baseline idea but it was Sarah deCourcy’s vocals that really took this track to a totally new level. She’s an amazing talented artist!” – Super8 & Tab

“Seconds Away” will be released as part of ‘Reformation’s’ first part, on February 23. Pre-order it here.

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