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Skrillex and Chance The Rapper’s managers just linked up to conquer the world of wine

Behind every great artist stands a great manager. Pat Corcoran and Tim Smith are the driving forces behind two of today’s biggest stars, representing Chance The Rapper and Skrillex respectively. The pair, affectionately known as Pat the Manager and RoadHog, have already cemented themselves as music indsutry power players, and now the two managers are setting off to conquer new ground in the world of wine.

Connecting with Chicago-based sommelier Ryan Arnold, the national wine director for the Lettuce Entertain You restaurant group, Corcoran and Smith are preparing to launch No Fine Print — a fun and affordable wine brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The vision behind the new project was simple: provide a festive libation that casual wine drinkers can enjoy without needing extensive wine knowledge or experience. Moreover, the new venture is a healthy excersize in branding, challenging the two managers to apply their creative approaches to a product, rather than a person.

Smith explains,

“We’ve built our reputation in the music industry by focusing on our unique approach to managing artists that we’re passionate about,”

Corcoran elaborates,

“[We] wanted to find a way to merge the creative branding we’ve used in the music realm with wine,”

No Fine Print is also debuting with a Fine Print counterpart, which will offer consumers a more expensive, higher-end alternative which will be available in a much more limited capacity. The No Fine Print label, retailing at $19.99 is a 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon from California. By contrast, Fine Print is a 24-month barrel aged 2014 Syrah-Pinot Noir blend from Northern California, which will be sold at a $34.99 price point. A portion of the proceeds from both brands will go to benefit a group of social and environmental charity organizations.

Check out the new No Fine Print operation here.

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