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The Chainsmokers continue EDM departure on ‘You Owe Me’

The Chainsmokers released their second single of 2018, and continue their new trend skewing from the sound that led to their momentous rise.

“You Owe Me” is a part of the now two-sided single, Sick Boy…You Owe Me, and it’s the duo’s safest shift into instrumental heavy, post-EDM to date.

The new track sees that the duo’s doubling down on the pop-punk, Twenty One Pilots operative that was explored on “Sick Boy,” but in a form that’s significantly lacking in comparison.

Though the vaguely EDM-reminiscent track is not entirely uninspired, and listeners can relish in its sparse synth lines and subdued guitar injections, “You Owe Me’s” official video — essentially an uber cliche Twilight v. Dexter situation — isn’t doing them any such favors.

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